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Modern smart logistics development trend and various logistics


With the rapid development of modern intelligent technology, economic globalization is becoming increasingly close, domestic logistics and international logistics are seamlessly connected. Domestic transportation modern logistics adopts intelligent logistics, logistics network informationization, and intelligent Internet of things to meet the diversified needs of market logistics. All major cities cargo land road logistics transport, airport domestic air transport, air transport, domestic express, rail transport, port international shipping, international air transport and international express delivery and cross-border logistics transport.

The economic development of information flow is closely linked with logistics and transportation. The logistics methods in China mainly consist of the following points.

Domestic logistics is mainly concentrated in the Shanghai Logistics Center in the Yangtze River Delta, Zhejiang Logistics and Jiangsu Logistics, the Pearl River Delta and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and the land transport between the large, medium and small cities with better economic development in the central and western regions of China. .

International air transport as long as it is Shanghai Airport International Air Logistics, Guangzhou Airport Air Freight, Shenzhen Airport Air Cargo and Beijing Air Transport, Hong Kong International Air Cargo, Zhengzhou International Air Transport and other cargo airport-connected airways and air cargo from international airports on all continents transport.

As long as the international cross-border e-commerce is concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta Zhejiang Yiwu International Express, the development of modern cross-border e-commerce international express delivery is mainly Amazon FBA overseas warehouse, AliExpress overseas warehouse international express, cross-border e-commerce logistics mainly by international freight forwarding Provided by air transport + delivery of air and sea + delivery of Haipai door to door international express delivery

The international railway transportation is mainly the railway station connecting the large railway freight station in China to the border port, mainly including the Xinjiang Alashankou Railway Station, the Horgos Railway Station, the Manzhouli Railway Station and the Erlianhaote Railway Station, and the container railway transportation connection across the Central Asian Class. Column, Sino-European railway freight transport.

Coastal port shipping adopts modern intelligent container shipping terminal, mainly Shanghai Port Shipping, Ningbo Port Container International Shipping, Shenzhen Port International Shipping, Qingdao Port International Shipping, Hong Kong Free Trade Port International Shipping Logistics.