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Sea Freight


Sea and air freight has always been a major part of Eaztrans's operations. Having accumulated close to 30 years of experience in sea and air transportation, Eaztrans's state-of-the-art protocols have continually evolved to ensure customers' maximum satisfaction when receiving our quick, systematic, accurate, and professional services. Eaztrans's streamlines sea and air freight transportation into 5 major processing stages and 3 supportive checkpoints:

Processing Stage: 

- Communication / Cargo Preparation Stage 

- Booking Stage 

- Shipping Stage 

- Arrival Stage 

- Delivery Stage

Processing Checkpoints: 

- Documentation checkpoint 

- Cargo Export checkpoint 

- Cargo Arrival checkpoint

The carefully designed procedural management scheme within these stages and checkpoints ensures controls at each step of the entire logistics process. Divisions of labor within the work-flow by trade, customer, and agent caters to an environment where attention is paid to every single detail of each shipment, resulting in error-free operations. Not only do we take the greatest care of our customers' shipments in our country, but we also place the same level of care on shipments and services to any destination in the world - demonstrating Helka's true commitment to being a global logistics service provider.

Components of Helka's sea and air freight services include: 

- Import and export booking process 

- Documentation process 

- Stuffing cargo into export containers 

- Unstuffing cargo out of import containers 

- Cargo consolidation and delivery 

- Customs clearance and declaration 

- Door-to-door physical distribution